Wednesday, April 9, 2008

There are some things in this life I find it easy to believe.....

There are some things in this life I find very easy to believe, like the sky is blue because of light reflected off the water from the ocean, that cats like to eat fish, that my car when it does not get enough oil will not drive as well as it could or that Nixon liked to count Jews at the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

It is not even hard to believe that Mick Huckabee said of Jesus that, "HE CAME TO ME IN A VISION AT THE HOAGIE HUT, AND SAID THAT IF HE HAD, LOOKED LIKE ME, HE COULDN'T HAVE FIT ON THE CROSS, AND THERE NEVER, WOULDA' BEEN CHRISTIANITY." Even though this is clearly satire.

Or that the God Elohim is living on another planet and wants me to become a god and populate the solar system like Joe Smith said he would.

There are some things I find harder to believe, like that George W. Bush enjoyed blowing up frogs with firecrackers as a young boy.

Which, if true, it only confirms every long suspected fear of every self-respecting but misguided liberal. And more than that, confirms that the conservative "there is no King greater than Jesus" jihadi rage is a real phenomena.

The point here is I do not really care what you believe as long as you do not take it out on me or on the Constitution. Which, I am guessing after all the rest of this, is well worth a read.

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