Tuesday, April 8, 2008

For My Friends at Delaware Liberal.....

I found an unsolicited letter in my mailbox today from David Horowitz saying you liberals are blocking Islamo-demofascist-commie awareness week.

Is this true you traitors?

I am so incredibly sick of the turpitude and screed of the conservative movement, that I am at a loss for words right now.

Well you will be happy to know I sent him back this message:

Dear Mr. Horowitz,

It is with great sadness I received your letter. It clearly demonstrates how great the Islamo-democommie-fascist threat to our great nation is.

It is almost as great as the threat posed by other groups like the entire left.

I loved it when you said, " Part of the motivation for Discover the Networks is....the view that leftist individuals and groups provide support, intentionally or not, for Islamic terrorism, and thus require ongoing scrutiny." And when you provided proof in your Book Unholy Alliance that made me a think of you as a new Lenin.

I mean if all the Islamo-democommie-fascists get together in their homeland, Iran, they might be able to stand on the beach in Parsistan and try to throw a devastating nukler' weapon at us. It is only 6000 miles away. They have big pectoral muscles.

Even worse they could use their demo-commie Che Guevara bandanna's like slings and launch a torrent of projectiles at us.... this horrifying prospect is only prevented by bold movements like our glorious conservative cultural revolution with its great heroes like you sir. We will never succumb to the evils of multiculturalism. And you can send all the dark skinned people back to their homelands, as you once suggested in Salon Magazine. You said "If blacks are oppressed in America, why isn't there a black exodus? - from the 1999 Salon.com article.."

You sir, are a patriot and a champion of everything that is non-democommie-islamo-fascist. I know you were working with the MEK to cause civil unrest in Iran, and I know they are a state department listed sponsor of terrorism, I mean I saw you discussing this at NYU where many of the world's most dangerous academic traitors live.

I think there is an award they give for such acts of heroism, isn't there? Maybe we could call it the champion of non-islamo-democommie-fascist heroism. For you are neither a democommie, islamo-fascist or any other recognizable class of evil promoting demo-puke.

(I realized later the award should be a golden waterboard with a man in a hood on it being tasered by security forces next to a giant Exxon pump....call it the David Horowitz award....)

Keep up the good work patriot, but I fear your ploy could backfire. What happens if Barack Obama becomes president.

Or even worse a "morally lax, moral relativist libertarian" it would be like when you said that we libertarians "are totally in bed with the Islamofascists and have turned against this country."

That was what you said was it not?

Is everyone who disagrees with you intellectually in bed with Islamofascists/Democommie's Dave?

Anyway, if Obama wins I think it will be your worst nightmare. Shortly after such a terrible event, all of the neo-conservative end of the GOP will be considered a radical fringe movement; can you imagine how upset the democommie-fascist faction is? And if it is a libertarian, can you imagine that one of us would have to come and protect your rights?

Could you tolerate our smell? The only thing worse would be if Lew Rockwell became the new secretary of the treasury and did not allow you to build an empire based on commodity fetishism. Right Dave?

I know it will be the end of all Western Civilization that has ever existed. Oh, Big J.C. and Sky Dad will be on the garbage heap of history, we both know that.

That is why you create all these radical defense leagues right?

Only you can prevent the take over of western civilization from every form of deviant.

I know it is tough work, but every age needs a hero.

With best regards,



cassandra m said...

Did you really send this letter, Brian? If so, I owe you a single malt of your choice.

David Horowitz is a Red Diaper Baby who has boomeranged into a Depends Wingnut by way of the Black Panther Party. Seriously. He is a professional extremist. His problem with Islamofacist Awareness Week is that he isn't making enough money on it or not getting enough cable TV time or both.

Brian said...

Cassandra- Hi. I hope you are well and thank you for the nice words. You owe me malt. I hope he reads every word like a slap in the face. I was becoming increasingly frustrated with the turpitude of this guy, and his anger and his attacks on everyone.

It has been simmering for years but as a very laid back person I typically do not say anything until the time is right or someone goes too far, today he went too far; but if he wants to tempt the fate of power, and push the limits of reason, he needs to know his karma is running out.