Monday, April 14, 2008

If John Carney actually wants to be governor. . . .

. . . then he's going to have to denounce Ruth Ann's $708,000 giveaway to Kraft Foods at the same moment she's demanding tens of millions of dollars back from every school district in the State.

But he won't do that, because he can't.

And that's why he won't be governor.


a most peculiar nature said...

I couldn’t agree more.

I was wondering where the heck this money came from. It seems so insignificant an amount, compared to the total investment. I mean, $708,000 is probably what Kraft would need to re-carpet the administrative offices and get new desk chairs.

I traced this to the “Competitiveness Fund” grants that are available through the Economic Development office. It appears to me that companies have to actually apply for this money. I looked at the application, and was wondering how a gazillion dollar corporation could justify needing $708,000 unless it is just one of those cases, “Well, it’s there, we might as well go for it”.

The actual cash comes from something called the Delaware Strategic Fund and comes of the capital budget.

Poor timing, indeed for kissing the ass of a corporation that would have made the investment anyway without this paltry sum. Paltry to Kraft, that is. Not to other parts of the State that need it.

Anonymous said...

I found this whole story bizarre, including the disturbing picture in the News Jouranl of Aunt Bee drinking Tang.

I'm guessing the $708,000.00 should cover their property taxes and state payroll taxes for the year. Thanks to the Economic Development office that tab gets spread around to the entire state...Thanks!