Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Coming Tomorrow: A Delaware Libertarian Exclusive Interview with Christine Smith

Libertarian Party Presidential hopeful Christine Smith answers the following questions right here tomorrow:

1) Even when the United States has withdrawn from Iraq, the issue of our relationship with Iran (and the potential of an Iranian nuclear program) will still be high on the new president's foreign policy agenda. What are your initial thoughts on handling the issue?

2) The new president will inherit an economy potentially in deep crisis, with the dollar floundering, foreign investors owning a huge chunk of our debt, the "mortgage bomb" exploding, and energy costs skyrocketing. What principles will guide you as president in restoring the American economy?

3) The drumbeat of the so-called progressive candidates is that they will provide government-mandated health insurance for every American. How will you convinced the millions of uninsured voters that the application of Libertarian principles to today's health care problems will benefit them?

4) Libertarians have traditionally opposed a major role for the Federal government in public education, and there is now a general consensus that the deeply flawed "No Child Left Behind" act must be scrapped. Even so, given that a Libertarian president will end up working with a Congress composed primarily of Democrats and Republicans, what strategy will you use to achieve real reform in Education?

5) Your Statist predecessors have used the aftermath of 9/11 to conduct the greatest assault on privacy and individual freedom in the US since the McCarthy years. How will you balance the need to protect the civil liberties of all American citizens against the need to protect the country from terrorist attacks?

In the meantime, visit Christine's website, read Becky's endorsement of her candidacy, and pre-view this video of her responses in a Libertarian Party Presidential debate:


Becky C. said...
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Becky C. said...

I removed the above comment due to awful typos:)

While I do support Christine, I think the most important thing is that the Libertarian Party nominate someone who is really a libertarian--someone who has worked the bake sales, the gun shows, the peace rallies, etc.

It will be an outrage if the nomination handed out because of the prospect of a little more attention by nominating D List politicians who are either pretend or suspect libertarians.