Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Out of the Way Serfs....We Are From the Government & Are Here to Protect You....

It is important to recognize that the expansion of executive power often leads to a sense that citizens are helpless before an all-powerful government that holds itself, its agents and assigns ABOVE THE LAW while making the citizens live BELOW THE LAW like peasants. This is of course the inverse of the relationship as it is meant to exist in the Constitution, where people are all EQUAL BEFORE THE LAW.

As Hayek noted in 1944, "In place of individual liberty, socialism offers security. [Doctrinal Socialism] promises protection from personal economic necessities and restraints, and an equality of economic well being." It does not promise individual liberty, or any real economic equality outside of massive power structures.

With a more sophisticated political economy I think we would be OK. One that encourages individual liberty and provides sources of employment and productive labor and balances the two.

If only we would follow the Constitution, I think we would be OK. Sigh.

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