Monday, April 14, 2008

In which Waldo receives both his due and his comeuppance. . . .

Waldo, one of my oldest friends, is enjoying the fact that his blog has been noticed by a bigtime national blog.

Not Very Bright has a big chunk of Waldo and a ringing endorsement of his analysis of why Obama is a better bet for gays than Clinton.

One of the things that I am happy Delaware Libertarian has achieved is to introduce Waldo Lyddecker's Journal to First State readers: he's regular reading for Shirley over at Delaware Curmudgeon and here at home Brian selected him for a mention in ATHF.

If you don't visit Waldo, you should. Aside from covering gay rights issues, the Democratic presidential race, and culture, Waldo possesses a dry wit (shaken, not stirred) and, when necessary, an ability to do derision that donviti would envy if he actually any taste. . . .

And then there's always Monday Food Porn.

Now for the comeuppance.

It has been noted by Waldo that here at Delaware Libertarian we tend to put out a lot of material (Duffy once complained that by the time you finished reading his ATHF post everything here he talked about would already have descended into the archives).

So it is ironic that, having received such notice, Waldo called for a new typewriter ribbon to be delivered to his bath, and spent the rest of the day pounding away with such ferocity that his original post about his national notice has already departed the front page.

Damn. Fame is fleeting--especially when you help it along.


Waldo said...

Waldo sniffed when we read this to him and returned to his column ruining the painter Jacoby.

The trouble with Waldo is he's spoiled by the new beta feature on blogger that lets you schedule postings into the future. When he's not over a Ann Treadwell's running down Shelby Carpenter, he sits in the tub cranking out crap for the blog himself.

Shirley Vandever said...

It is true ... I am a major fan of Waldo ! Someday, perhaps we will be saying we "knew him when".