Monday, April 21, 2008

Government Corruption in Delaware....... scandals are de rigueur for the good old boys club in Delaware, but according to Jason Scott, State Senator Harris McDowell has taken it to a whole new level. As Delaware Liberal noted "we may be even able to call it criminal malfeasance" and if we look at the long term effects he is trying to have we could say much worse, but I will leave that to you.

It looks like someone was taking executive strategy meetings right out of Ken Lay's playbook before Enron imploded.

A very big h/t to Jason Scott for one of the best pieces of investigative journalism I have ever seen on the blogosphere and for posting the text of HB 235 veto by Gov. Ruth Ann Minner.

Good Job Jason and right on Ruth Ann.

After you read the piece you will see why Delaware Politics had this to say illustrating why a new voice is needed for for the people of the state and the people district 1 in Delaware.....

This is the reason why we have an energy crisis in Delaware, and on another level it is this kind of behavior that precipitated the world food crisis. It is the 21st century people and time for this kind of behavior to stop.

We both know Harris McDowell has moved into the seamy underbelly of Delaware, local and very bitter politics. I think we all recognize it is time for a change in direction.

So I am encouraging everyone who reads this site, whether you are from Delaware or from Hawaii, to write, e-mail or call Senator McDowell's office and let them know exactly what you think after you finish reading Jason's article and recognize that this may have been Governor Ruth Ann Minner's ONLY veto during her term as governor.

Legislative Hall Office
Outside Office
P.O. Box 1401Dover, DE 19903

Carvel State Office Building
11th Floor
820 N. French St.
Wilmington, DE 19801
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