Monday, April 21, 2008

Comment Bump: World Food Crisis, What Are You Going to Do About It?

Last week, I listed the mechanics that are driving the world food crisis and suggestions that governments can follow to end the crisis. This weekend I want to show you want the crisis looks like in some parts of the world. And why that matters to you.

Now- we know how to and can boost food production through the development of infrastructure and farm management techniques in the developing world. But we have to act fast and need we can partner with Oxfam and others in establishing self-sustaining agricultural development projects and clean water.

If you you want to help contact me at to make a donation to the Global Mission for Comprehensive Human Development.

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Nancy Willing said...

unintended consequences...

I am old enough to have had my tender youth shaped by the meme of population control for humanitarian purposes. Now, some 40 years later, the world's population has easily doubled.

Compound that with the rapid advance of global economic clusterf**k of special interests removed a step or two from sovereign interests, we have a severity of food shortages that is so dire that it threatens to topple governments (yeah, tiny ones, but still).

Americans had gone along being the massive consumer of a huge chunk of world resources. Now that things are evening out some, the competition for resources across the globe has consequences of unimaginable proportion.

Since the global market is here to stay, we have to start a responsible global strategy. All of the players have to play. If sovereign nations have ceased to be the structural units of world trade, so be it. But the world's powers can't abdigate responsibility for what has been wrought in the name of capital.