Wednesday, April 23, 2008

There will always be an England--apparently not

From our friends at the Libertarian Alliance I discovered that the EU has begun drafting plans to essentially eliminate national boundaries in Europe in favor of transnational regions.

England would be split between the Transmanche, North Sea, and Atlantic regions (see map from The Sun).

At first I thought maybe this was a typical internet scam, but the Telegraph actually managed to get an acknowledging quote out of some EU officials:

German ministers claimed that the plan was about "underlying the goal of a united Europe" to "permanently overcome old borders" at a time when the "Constitution for Europe needs to regain momentum".

I've never been a big black helicopter-Council on Foreign Relations-MexAmeriCanada conspiracy theorist.

Among other things, my John Birch Society membership expired some while back, and I haven't gotten around to renewing it.

One of these days.

Yet I have to admit that this prospect of deconstructing Europe is . . . disquieting.

It is especially so when one figures in some of the demographic consequences. For example, the people behind the Transmarche Region already have a web page up and running that declares:

The Channel simultaneously divides and joins two parts of Western Europe, which for centuries have shared common events to create a joint History. A thousand year period, beginning with the Norman invasion of England, now nears its end as that same island becomes physically linked to the continent of Europe.

Two thoughts come to mind here: (1) This is similar to the press release you'll read the day after China finishes invading Taiwan, and (2) this will also be welcome news to the various reconquista movements in Mexico and the American southwest.

Then I thought about the areas of France included in the Transmarche, which led me to think about the areas not included. Why would that be significant?

Because the 10% of France's current population that is Muslim is mostly concentrated outside this new Transmarche Region, which means that in whatever other regions France is carved up into, the Muslim population will be a much larger percentage.

What this really amounts to is an attempt to re-organize Europe along ethnic lines and deconstruct the local and regional political structures that allow people of different backgrounds and faiths to learn to live and work together.

And that's downright scary.


Duffy said...

What's the problem? I mean, it's not like organizing along ethnic lines has ever been a problem before.

David Davis said...

Dear Steve

Thank you for linking to us on this one, it's very important - we here have actually known about it for some years, but nobody in the Main-stream-Media actually believed it at first, and we were thought to be paranoid extermist Xenophobe right wing nutters.

The Nazi apparatchiks in the EU bureaucracy have also been quite disarmingly frank and open about what this intends. However, you won't get the BBC reporting that, or even many of the "Dead Tree Press" either. this info had to be got at first by samizdat means.

At least it's now out in the open, and (some) people will have an opportunity to complain.

I'm sometimes afraid we're on our own now. There is no earthly reason why you good people in the USA, Canada and the rest of the Anglosphere should need or want to help us. We allowed this to happen to ourselves - we just were asleep since, er, about 1945.