Tuesday, April 29, 2008

This is Brian. . . . This is Brian on medication?

Unless you happened to notice it in one of the comment sections last week, you probably missed the fact that Brian had surgery this week. Despite his undying affection for Thai ladyboys and a western hemispheric union, Brian's really a fairly private person, so I had not mentioned this before.

He's doing well and will hopefully be back to posting soon.

In the interim, however, I made one discovery and had one disturbing thought.

The discovery is that the blogspot spell checker recognizes the word ladyboy. I'd never actually typed it before. There may be something ominous of a Spenglerian nature in that.

The disturbing thought is that they gave Brian a morphine pump for his first day out of surgery and some serious pain meds (he told me--no shit--that he asked for medical marijuana and was refused).

We all know what to expect from Brian in the course of a normal week: twisted explorations of our world from a perspective that is Libertarian crossed with fan-dancing Ewok. One of his earliest posts, Women with Tattoos, is among the five most highly rated posts every published on this blog; I like to think it's the picture.

But, anyway, here's the scary question: what will Brian post while he's using the dilaudid or the percocett?

Get well quickly, my friend.


Waldo said...

Having fallen off a bicycle onto my head seven years ago and breaking or fracturing lots of different bits of myself, I recommend morphine most highly. Get well soon, Brian, but enjoy the drugs in the meantime.

Shirley Vandever said...

Get well soon, Brian ! We all miss you. Oh, yeah, and what Waldo said about the drugs .....ditto on that. I imagine in your present state you can conjur up all sorts of blog-mischief.

Seriously...thinking of you and wishing you all the best.

Duffy said...

Get well soon. In my thoughts and prayers.

Alan Coffey said...

Get well soon Brian.

Tyler Nixon said...

Speedy recovery and then back to blogging, Brian!

Hube said...

Miss the sparring, Bri! Get better quick!! :-)