Monday, July 7, 2008

Mike Munger: Proving that Fund-raising CAN work for Libertarians

The Munger Money Grenade exploded for Dr Michael Munger, Libertarian gubernatorial candidate in North Carolina, on July 3-4, and when the dust settled 211 people had come through with $7,115!

That's an average contribution of $33.72, which is critical to understanding what can happen if we get out the support from Libertarians across the country for really good candidates.

Let's assume that each contributor reached a little deeper than they intended for a special event. (I did.)

So let's also assume that 200 people decided to adopt Michael Munger as their poster-professor Libertarian candidate, pledging $15/month over the next three months to carry Mike to the election.

That would be $3,000/month in steady income, $9,000 in all. Put that together with the money raised last week, and that would give Mike an guaranteed operating budget of $16,000 for the rest of the campaign--even if nobody else came through with a dime.

I know: even to Bob Barr or Ralph Nader, $16,000 is not enough to air-condition campaign headquarters or get you to a NASCAR event.

But for a Libertarian gubernatorial candidate who is already polling in the 5-6% range, $16,000 of dependable cash is the difference between anonymity and the chance to strike for higher numbers.

I don't know if any of you out there remember one of Mike's earliest campaign goals: to score at least 2% of the vote and guarantee continued ballot access for NC Libertarians.

Now, I'd suggest that an even more aggressive goal is in view: Let's help Mike Munger crack double digits in the NC general election.

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