Monday, August 25, 2008

Allen Buckley jousts with Neal Boortz about Fair Tax on CNN

Here are the clips, thanks to Brian Shields

CNN Video:

Video 1:

Video 2:

The first step is to get your ideas considered mainstream enough to be included in the daily norm of political discourse.

That's what Allen Buckley is achieving.

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George Donnelly said...

In the first video, Linder handed Buckley his butt. Not pretty. And Buckley only spoke once.

I don't imagine I would do any better, of course.

We need to commit resources to training LP candidates to dominate - or at least stand out at - these kinds of opportunities.

Neal Boortz and Rep Linder know how to talk, for example. They had the other side on the defensive the whole time.

In Video 2, Buckley, instead of telling Linder to explain his claim that under the Fair Tax take-home income will go up 50% he should have simply explained why it wouldn't. What he did was enable Linder to hog even _more_ time.