Thursday, August 28, 2008

Electing Tyler Nixon: Gerald Brady and the Unions

Here's an interesting question for voters in Delaware's 4th House District.

Fact: Gerald Brady is employed as the Executive Director of the Delaware AFL-CIO.

Fact: Gerald Brady has solicited and received over $5,000 in campaign contributions from unions (including the Delaware AFL-CIO) over the past two years.

In 2006:
Delaware AFL-CIO--$600
Political Education Committee, Local 1238 IBEW--$300
ABC Educational Fund Local 27 [Baltimore MD]-$100

In 2007:
FOP State PAC--$200
PAC Local Union No. 451 --$200
Local 42 PAC Asbestos Workers --$300
Delaware Building Trades --$200
Bricklayers & Allied Crafts Local 1PA/DE PAC Fund--$600
Plumbers & Pipeļ¬tters Local No.74 PAC--$600
Wilm Police/Fire Pension Task Force--$100
ABC Educational Fund Local 27 --$100
F.O.P.State PAC Fund--$400
IUOE Local 542 --$400
Carpenters Local #626 --$600
IBEW Local #313 --$300
Politial Education Committee, IBEW local #1238--$300

Grand total (not including what Gerald has socked away so far in 2008): $5,200

Now the question: How is it not a conflict of interest for the Executive Director of the Delaware AFL-CIO to be soliciting and receiving campaign contributions from the organizations he is paid to coordinate?

Democrats--both liberal and progressive--are encouraged to try their hands at this one.

There will be a test later.

Libertarian/Republican Tyler Nixon for the Delaware House of Representatives!!

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Anonymous said...

The reason why labor unions contribute to Gerald Brady's campaign is because he's a exceptional state representative and a good man. His performance the past two years in Dover has demonstrated this. He's succeeded in passing eleven pieces of legislation in his first term, that's pretty impressive. It's not a conflict of interest, it's called doing a great job.