Friday, August 15, 2008

Breaking Through: Allen Buckley finally included in Georgia polling and will appear on CNN

LCV Online reports the first polling in the Georgia Senatorial race I've seen that actually includes the name of Libertarian candidate Allen Buckley. The current results:

Saxby Chambliss (R) 43%; Jim Martin (D) 36%; Allen Buckley (L) 3%; Undecided: 19%

That 3% showing is a good place for Buckley to start building. He has the agreement of the Chambliss campaign that he should be included in the upcoming debates, and he's getting consistent, low-key media coverage.

One of Buckley's strengths is fiscal policy (he's an accountant), and one of his most interesting stands is against the so-called Fair Tax advanced by Neal Boortz and others.

That's apparently going to pay off with an appearance on CNN this weekend, according to Neal Boortz:


It happened yesterday at the Gallery Row Coffee Shop in Peachtree City, Georgia. Three FairTax opponents, including Georgia Libertarian Senate candidate Allen Buckley and Atlanta Journal-Constitution columnist Jay Bookman; and three FairTax supporters, including Congressman John Linder, Mark Darrow and myself gathered around a table to hash over the FairTax. What made this a bit unusual was that CNN was there with three cameras and all the lights and stuff to record the whole thing.

Sometime over the weekend much of this conversation will be included in a CNN program about the FairTax. The entire discussion will also be available online. Stay tuned to this web page for the details and links.

I'll let you know where and when you can find it.

This is the second major publicity related favor that Boortz has done for Buckley in the past week. That's obviously more related to his current contretemps with Chambliss than any true Libertarian leanings, but whatever the cause, Buckley benefits, and that's a good thing.

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