Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Kn@ppster corrects the details on my post regarding Kevin Craig


There's always a risk in commenting at a distance. And while Kevin may be a likable guy--Tom Knapp:

I do, however, like Kevin Craig. He's a reader, and occasional commenter, on this blog. He seems like a personable individual. He seems to be inclined to be helpful when possible (for example, correcting my directions to readers on the location of a great Greek restaurant, and offering to webcast a controversial MOLP executive committee conference call). Batshit insane as regards the gospel, IMO, but not a bad egg as a person.

... that's not my standard for Libertarian candidates. I've got plenty of friends that I really like who have some truly whacked-out ideas: political, social, and otherwise. I'm sure you do as well.

And while I'd have a beer with them or watch the occasional Rambo movie, there's no way in hell I'd vote for them or support their candidacy if they ran for office.

As for Craig recruiting himself, as Tom puts it, I have no doubt that he is right and I am wrong. No question that we get self-recruiting candidates everywhere: this is Delaware and we have Mike Protack.

But the essential point of my post, I believe, holds true: until the Libertarian Party can consistently start recruiting candidates who pass the not batshit insane test, we're going to be a joke and not a movement.

Sorry, Kevin, any candidate from any party who can put God hates homosexuals on his campaign website may conceivable hold libertarian views, but he's NOT going to have my support. Ever.

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