Saturday, August 16, 2008

Progressives lining up behind Mike Munger in North Carolina? Believe it . . . or not!?

Now that I have been properly schooled in the distinction between liberals and progressives, I can say with some confidence that BlueNC is a progressive blog.

Which makes it all the more interesting to find James Protzman posting this regarding Democrat Bev Perdue's nativist stand on the children of immigrants pushing him toward Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Mike Munger:

Dear Bev. . . .

I'm sure you and your staff agonized about whether to sell out poor brown people for political advantage, but agony or not, you came down on the wrong side of an important moral issue. Which makes your campaign irrelevant to me. Don't bother calling. Don't bother writing. Don't bother me at all. You don't need progressives, and progressives don't need you. I'm heading for Mike Munger.

RALEIGH - Leaders of the state's community colleges voted today to close their doors to illegal immigrants until they complete a study and come up with a permanent policy. The decision today by the State Board of Community Colleges marks a reversal from Thursday, when officials indicated they were inclined to admit illegal immigrants pending the outcome of the study.

Lt. Gov. Beverly Perdue, the Democratic candidate for governor, made the motion to ban illegal immigrants from community colleges while the study is ongoing.

The comments are also really interesting, and show a growing awareness of Libertarian Party realities in the Tarheel State.

When one commenter protested any thought of voting for Munger:

No voting for Munger or others that buy booths from AFP and line up with the Puppetshow.

The Libertarian Party was out in full force at the American's for Prosperity "Take Back Our State" rally at the legislature this year.

Jerimee provided the photos in a blog report here (can't find the link at the moment).

In the line of booths and tents right beside all of the Pope organizations, there was Libertarian tent with plenty of Munger signs, followed by a John McCain tent.

Libertarian Chair Barbara Howe even shared the stage with Bob Dole and Dallas Woodhouse at WhackoFest on the Halifax Mall.

Munger? Hell no.

But then another progressive blogger defended Dr Munger:

When you're a member of a new party in this state, getting 2% of the vote is more important than anything else.

The Libertarians are in the blatant pandering stage of politics -- I'd be out there with AFP too if all I wanted to do was save the millions of dollars my party pisses away every few years to get on the ballot.

Despite the bad taste in company, don't make that the reason you're against Mr. Munger.

The people who say that the Libertarian Party will not gain any traction until it can siphon votes from both Dems and GOPers need to look at North Carolina. It's happening.

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