Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wow! Survey USA reports Chris Cole at 7% overall and 11% among male voters

This is huge.

Survey USA
shows the Liddy Dole-Kay Hagan face-off at 47-41% in favor of Dole, with Chris Cole taking 7%.

For the first time the Libertarian candidate for Senate in North Carolina is capturing larger numbers than the distance between the two Demopublican candidates.

Moreover, as we have consistently noted here, contrary to conventional wisdom, Cole continues to draw more support from Democrats than Republicans. He is also currently drawing an amazing 11% of male voters.

The same survey also shows Mike Munger at a solid 5% in the gubernatorial race, also well inside the Bev Perdue (47%)/Pat McCrory (44%) split.

These numbers have not only held steady for 2-3 months, they have continued to edge up for both candidates.

When you consider that Cole has raised only hundreds of dollars versus the Dole/Hagan millions, or that Munger has been forced to scramble for any publicity at all after being shut out of all but one debate, there is every indication that in the Tarheel State the Libertarian Party is rapidly becoming seen as a viable alternative by the one group of people the Demopublicans consistently take for granted....

The voters.

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Waldo Lydecker's Journal said...

What a difference a state line makes: the SC Libertarians have a website that tells nothing and lists no candidates.