Sunday, August 31, 2008

Politics in America hits new lows: Sarah Palin's children and God sending Gustav to New Orleans

I'm not even going to post about either of these stories beyond this:

If you want to read about progressive and liberal Democrats tying themselves up into knots trying to avoid sounding like they actually purchased subscriptions to celebrity tabloids, then visit Delaware Liberal and look through the bars. [Please note that both at DL and the DKos these are the same people who ran with the completely unfounded Sussex County story of a young Muslim girl being harassed over Barack Obama's religious affiliation, and who--even when the story was discovered to lack foundation--did damnall little to set right the avalanche of abuse they lit off.]

If you want to see that the Democrats have now fully invited God into the political arena on their side (after spending years condemning the GOPers--and rightly so--for doing just that), then visit Becky the Girl in Short Shorts.

But in both cases take a barf bag with you.

From one family's potential personal tragedy to the ongoing tragedy of the people living on the Gulf Coast, it has all now become fair game for both major political parties.

And they wonder why over 40% of American citizens don't even turn up to vote.

Let me be clear: if you're chortling over Republican discomfiture at the scheduling of their convention during a hurricane rather than quietly donating to the Red Cross or your church relief fund, you're scum.

If you would love nothing better than to see a political opponent's family (Sarah Palin's) unravel in pain and agony on the front pages of the tabloids and in the blogs, you're scum.

The same is true if you joined in trashing Elizabeth Edwards, or partook in attacks on Barack Obama's children.

In the grand world of big government, heartless corporations, and individual victimization, you can't be responsible for much any more, but you are responsible for your own compassion and empathy.


Brian Shields said...

I recently added Delaware Liberal to my blogroll, not out of interest, but out of fairness since I added Delaware Politics. The hatred and partisanship in DelLib's recent posts have been soaking through in disturbing amounts in the past week or two.

It is really disturbing to witness. I know it's election season, but it's been shameful.

Anonymous said...

First, the Gustav post was about irony. Rev. Dobson organized his followers to pray for torrential rain during Obama's speech. No one at DL was praying/hoping for a hurricane. It was a post mocking the religious right's power of prayer meme.

Second, I made it crystal clear I wasn't touching the Palin family issue. But that was only one post on DL, all the other posts about Palin, imo, are fair game.

Look, McCain picked her to get the focus away from Obama and onto him. Fair enough, but now he can't complain about the attention. Nobody (other than David Anderson) knew much about Sarah Palin. Who is she? What does she believe in? What are her policies? What has she done in the past? What are her plans for the future. All valid questions that demand answers.

Frankly, it was a risky move on McCain's part. First, if he was serious about going after the female vote he should have announced his VP choice before the Dem convention and Hillary's speech.

Second, you can't pick a virtual unknown and then be shocked when she receives so much attention. McCain, Obama and Biden are known. Love them, hate them - they are known.

Over the next few weeks the MSM will be all Palin all the time. I can only assume that this is what McCain wanted when he picked her.

Hube said...

Glad to see someone else highlighting the asininity that has become the standard at DE Liberal.

To be fair, Pandora did state in the comments of that Palin/baby post that she wouldn't have posted that tripe. But her comments here are just pathetic excuse-making.

BTW, Steve -- I followed the Muslim student in Sussex County story fairly religiously (pun intended) and there was something to it -- at least at the girl's old school district. At her most recent district, it appears that the family was more interested in merely reaping the benefits of American litigiousness.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't making excuses, Hube. I was giving my observations, and thinking out loud. Tell me, if Obama had picked a virtual unknown in the Nadar/Kucinich mold what would Republicans be saying?

Hube said...

Tell me, if Obama had picked a virtual unknown in the Nadar/Kucinich mold what would Republicans be saying?

First, it's "Nader." Second, my point is that you were "excuse-making" by glossing over Steve's main thrust and making it a "Well, she deserves a lot of attention" type of deal. Yes, she does deserve a ton of attention. But NOT the type of crap that Jason, Andrew Sullivan, Kos and others were recently bandying about the last few days.

Steven H. Newton said...

Methinks you protest too much; I didn't say "all commenters" at DL; and you demurral was faint enough not to earn a distinctive mention.

Hube is right: there is a difference between saying a VP pick should receive lots of attention and engaging in this sort of salacious, destructive crap.

jason offered all of you the out: say so and he'd take it down. Nobody did. That gives you a collective stake in the willingness to do personal damage to a family you never met for political gain.

Sorry, but that's how I see this one.

a most peculiar nature said...

I think that bloggers of the DailyKos ilk will soon blog themselves out of existence. They have no relevance to real peoples' lives.

There are wingnuts on the right as well. I don't waste my time with them.

It's a pretty sad commentary. What it says about us as Americans is unclear, but it isn't pretty.

I applaud Obama's statement. I think the majority of people feel that way.

Everything else is just so much tripe.