Sunday, August 10, 2008

Asheville Daily Planet covers Mike Munger and local Libertarian convention

I've been stressing local and State action for the last few days, and the Asheville Daily Planet's coverage of NC gubernatorial candidate Mike Munger's appearance at the annual convention of the LP of Buncombe County is instructive in a lot of ways.

The LP of Buncombe County's meeting drew about thirty-five people, and reading between the lines suggests that Munger's appearance had a lot to do with turn-out. [The party had no candidate to replace the outgoing chair; at the meeting Robert Parket stepped up to take the responsibility.]

Munger used the opportunity not only to give his stump speech covering

his campaign themes — including a moratorium on capital punishment, control of municipal aggression against property, a broad-based education vouchers system and ending corporate welfare . . . .

but also worked in an appearance on the local radio station for three hours on WWNC.

[Hint: none of this occurs without building a solid working relationship with your local media.]

State LPNC Chair and former North Carolina gubernatorial candidate Barbara Howe also attended, lending State support to a struggling local organization.

This is what should be happening across the country: the higher organization and candidates support the lower.

North Carolina is leading the way here, along with Texas and a few other states.

If only somebody in the LNC recognized what was going on, they could re-arrange their organization and activities to do the same. . . .

. . . before we take matters into our own hands by drying up the supply of money that gives them any power at all.

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