Sunday, August 24, 2008

Let's Be Like Europe: Starting a New, Occasional Series

Europe, as Progressives never tire of explaining to us when speaking of health care, or education, or snails for dinner, is the gold standard of civilization.

If it works in Europe, and we're not doing it, it's another reason that all values but Progressive values (governmental force in the service of an ideology) are bankrupt.

So, in the interest of furthering America's understanding of the European Statist Utopia, here's a post from Nanny Knows Best about the latest British good government idea: taking fat kids away from their parents:

David Rogers, the LGA [Local Government Association] spokesman on public health, said:

"Councils are increasingly having to consider taking action where parents are putting children's health in real danger.

Councils would step in to deal with an undernourished or neglected child, so should a case with a morbidly obese child be different?

If parents place children at risk through bad diet and lack of exercise is it right for a council to keep the child's health under review?

It is vital that councils, primary care trusts and the NHS work with parents to ensure children don't end up dangerously overweight in the first place.

There needs to be a national debate about the extent to which it is acceptable for local authorities to take action in cases where the children's welfare is in jeopardy."

Of course this would mean ignoring not only civil rights but modern science, as the genetic link to obesity is now beginning to be understood.

But facts should never stand in the way of good public policy, eh?

Just ask linguist and Progressive political guru George Lakoff, the ultimate advocate that truth matters far less in politics than how you frame you position to make it attractive to voters.

Which, given that Lakoff has been providing such advice to the Obama campaign, is hardly surprising, is it?

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