Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Neal Boortz contemplates voting for Allen Buckley

Yeah, I know that it was primarily a stunt to get Saxby Chambliss on the air, but this mention of Georgia Libertarian Senate candidate Allen Buckley can't hurt.

From the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

Talk radio’s eruption over the “Gang of Ten” bipartisan energy proposal continued on Monday, as U.S. Sen. Saxby Chambliss got into it — in polite fashion — with WSB talk guru Neal Boortz over the issue.

The topic has percolated since a Wall Street Journal columnist attacked the compromise last Thursday. That syndicated vetter of conservative issues, Rush Limbaugh, railed against it on Friday.

Monday was Boortz’ turn. Like others before him, the Atlanta-based radio host complained that the Senate initiative, led on the GOP side by Chambliss, undercut the protests that House Republicans — led by U.S. Rep. Tom Price of Roswell — have generated since Congress left on vacation.

Boortz dismissed the way the senators have proposed paying for conservation incentives in the bill as a tax increase on oil companies — and, before Chambliss got on the line, threatened to vote for Libertarian Allen Buckley.

When you've actually become part of the discussion--however tangentially and for whatever reason--it's another step forward for Buckley and all Libertarian candidates.

Too bad the national Libertarian Party headquarters doesn't give a rip.

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Anonymous said...

How does the national party not care?