Tuesday, August 5, 2008

How in the hell do you miss 125,000 Gorillas?

Researchers in the Congo now say they've missed a population of 125,00 gorillas, effectively doubling the number of gorillas known to exist.

I wanted to get to this one before some folks start saying, "See, we don't have environmental problems, there are plenty of gorillas, and I'll bet there are passenger pigeons and white tigers out there hiding in the millions that we don't know about."

(You know who I mean.)

I used to be a fanatic Edgar Rice Burroughs fan, and I loved it whenever Tarzan found another lost civilization remnant on some mountain or in some valley that nobody had visited for two thousand years. Later on, when I realized there wasn't much room left for those lost civilizations, it really saddened me.

But, hey, if in the days of Google Earth and spy satellites we can miss 125,000 gorillas, the jewels of Opar could still be out there somewhere, right?

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