Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I really should have copyrighted that "$40 Bucks for 4 Libertarians on July 4" thing . . .

. . . or else I should get a check from the Barr campaign as a consultant (I hear they send out a lot of them).

OK, so I created Forty Bucks for 4 Libertarians on July 4, and it got picked up by (near as I can tell) about two dozen blogs.

I don't even know how much it actually raised, because there was obviously no way to keep track of it.

Now I go to the (static and often dysfunctional) Libertarian Party website to find this:

Plus a letter from Bill Redpath [who is he, again? I keep forgetting.]:

Dear Fellow Libertarian:

Eight States. Eight Days. Eighty thousand dollars....

Why is ballot access important, and why should you donate to our "80 for 8 in 8" drive?

At first I was thinking copyright infringement, but my wife pointed out that what I was really looking at was lack of imagination and a complete misunderstanding of the way a national party is built.

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