Tuesday, August 5, 2008

At this point, it's beginning to be free advertising for Texas Libertarians

Now the Austin American-Statesman is reporting that GOP Speaker of the Texas House Tom Craddick's staff came hat in hand to Pat Dixon of the Libertarian Party of Texas, effectively begging the LPT to drop out of close races that Republicans might lose:

In the past, Libertarian candidates might only get 5 percent of the vote, but that’s enough to determine the winner in a close legislative contest.

With the House closely split between Republicans and Democrats, a handful of legislative races could affect the partisan outcome and perhaps Craddick’s chances to remain speaker

So after years of supporting the Constitution-shredding policies of Dubya's administration, while simultaneously pursuing an utterly reactive social conservative agenda, the Texas GOP is suddenly seeking common ground with Lone Star Libertarians.

For the second time in the same week....

Here's a thought for the Texas GOP and Speaker Craddick: How about the LPT agrees to drop its House candidates in all districts except in Districts 9, 52, and 64. There the GOP agrees that its candidates will quite their races in favor of Joe Allport, Lillian Simmons, and Jason Jordan, agreeing to throw their resources behind the Libertarian candidates. In return, if elected, Allport, Simmons, and Jordan agree to caucus with the GOP for purposes of electing the Speaker and a re-districting?

Yeah, that's right: roughly 80 Libertarian candidates pull out in favor of Republicans; three GOPers commit hari-kiri in favor of the Libertarians. After all, the Texas GOP is probably at least 30 times larger.

Sounds fair, right?

What's that, Speaker Craddick? Talk louder, stop sputtering.

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