Thursday, August 21, 2008

And why Democrat Bev Perdue doesn't want to get on stage in a debate with Michael Munger... explained in Meck Deck's review of the last North Carolina gubernatorial debate between Democrat Bev Perdue and Republican Pat McCrory:

Forget that there was a live debate between two of the three candidates for governor of North Carolina last night. Here’s the take-away quote for the evening:

“I was not in the last eight years part of anybody’s elite circle.”

That is what Bev Perdue told reporters after the debate, desperately trying to undo Pat McCrory’s linkage of her time in public office in Raleigh to Raleigh’s various scandals and ineptitudes. Perdue willingly told voters that, contrary to the campaign message she has tried to hammer home, she has been completely ineffectual and powerless as an elected leader to statewide office. Coming on top of a weak and disjointed debate performance, Perdue’s declaration was a staggering gaffe, one that must shake all but the most die-hard of her supporters.

The only saving grace for the Democratic candidate is that Libertarian Mike Munger was not invited to participate in the debate. Had he been, Perdue would have easily been the third-worst debater out of a three-person field, a revelation for some viewers who know Bev only via her TV ads.

Dr Munger got his lick in by doing a shadow debate on radio, wherein he answered all of the questions his opponents did, and took calls from listeners as well. You can visit his Kids Prefer Cheese blog to listen.

There you'll also find more reasons why Mike Munger is the smartest and funniest man in the NC Governor's race.

For instance, here's the joke about the hapless Bev Perdue that Munger decided not to use on the radio;

George Bush claims that he looked into the eyes of Vladdy Putin, and saw his soul.

Now there's a rumor that George Bush looked into Bev Perdue's EAR. You know what he saw?


The betting is now even money that Perdue will find a reason to duck out on October 15, the only gubernatorial debate that has invited all three candidates.

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