Saturday, August 23, 2008

Top ten reasons to take the Libertarian Party of Delaware seriously

10. Because we timed our convention to occur simultaneous with Joe Biden's announcement as Barack's VP pick, thus insuring we would be able to hold our deliberations unbothered by all the large, intrusive camera trucks that usually mark our affairs.

9. Because even when we found out that the East End Cafe in Newark was out of Colorado Sauce for the wings, we toughed it out and didn't leave.

8. Because Shirley Vandever came to our convention, and we bet she didn't come to yours.

7. Because we haven't nominated Mike Protack or Rick Atkins for anything.

6. Because our new State Chair actually has access to real office machinery.

5. Because Mark Anthony Parks, our candidate for the US House is younger than a fossil (Castle) and smarter than even an attractive box of rocks (O'Donnell).

4. Because we figured out a way to hang our banner (yes, damn it, we have one) from the mike stands on the stage when we couldn't reach the ceiling.

3. Because we had at least five times as many delegates in attendance as the Independent [Protack] Party of Delaware [and none of them was Liz Allen].

2. Because we actually held our convention in a known postal location that you can find with Google, Yahoo, or a GPS, unlike the Independent [Protack] Party of Delaware.

And the number one reason why you should take the Libertarian Party of Delaware seriously is ....

1. Because Tyler Nixon sought and accepted our fusion nomination. In many cases the party is expected to give cachet to the nominee; in our case, being associated with a candidate of quality recognized by kavips, delawaredem, and others from almost every political perspective in Delaware actually (I hope) gives us and our ideas some of his cachet.

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