Monday, August 25, 2008

Hell Doth Freeze Over: Michael Munger now in THREE debates

From the Munger campaign:

On Saturday, an invitation arrived from UNC-TV. Mike has accepted the invitation to participate in two debates on public television, Sept. 24 and October 8.

This adds momentum to the effort to include Dr. Mike in ALL the debates. Previously Dr. Mike was invited to one debate, in October, at Queens College in Charlotte. The campaign staff was apprehensive that one candidate would cancel at the last minute and thereby scuttle the event. So the UNC-TV invitation is especially welcome: the terms of the debate say that the event goes on, even if “not all” candidates accept. This means it would be very risky for Bev (say) to decline, giving Mike and Pat a show of their own.

We still have other debates and events that are excluding Dr. Munger. Please visit the campaign website for information on how you can help.

Meanwhile, BlueNC, the leading Progressive Blog in the Tarheel State, finds itself now taking a Libertarian candidate seriously, even when they disagree with him. Latest is their discovery that Mike Munger's position on immigrants receiving in-state tuition is completely different from the major party candidates. What's the post called? Sanity on Immigration from Mike Munger.

Three debates, more newspaper coverage, radio appearances....

What Mike Munger is proving is that a well-rounded Libertarian candidate with good public presence and a command of policy issues can be competitive if we can ever find a way to raise the money to promote him.