Wednesday, August 20, 2008

THIS is why Michael Munger is TOO SANE and TOO HUMAN to be Governor of North Carolina

This is how a Libertarian (at least my kind of Libertarian) answers the question of immigration and citizenship.

I am not going to excerpt the entire editorial, because it is too well-written to cut up into pieces.

It is possibly the best piece on this issue that I have read all year.

That being said, it's also going to piss off a lot of people--and it should.

What I have learned about Dr Michael Munger--more as a man than as candidate for Governor of North Carolina--is that he subscribes the ancient and honorable creed of abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison:

I do not wish to think, or speak, or write, with moderation. . . . I am in earnest -- I will not equivocate -- I will not excuse -- I will not retreat a single inch -- AND I WILL BE HEARD.

With luck I will be able to go to North Carolina on October 15 and watch him show Bev Perdue and Pat McCrory what happens when career politicians run into a citizen with a conscience and real ideas.

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Anonymous said...

You should include a link to Michael Munger's campaign website.

North Carolina Candidate for Governor