Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Georgia conservative blogger drops Saxby Chambliss for Allen Buckley

From Daniel at Down Right:

I finally found him. I have finally found someone who will actually stand up and answer the tough question of our national debt. As I have stated many times, my generation is facing a personal debt of $175,000 per person if we don’t do something fast, and Allen Buckley, the Libertarian candidate for Senate in Georgia, is offering a solution....

[there follows an excerpt from Buckley's financial plan]

Although I have stated previously that it is important to keep Democrats out of office and is usually best to vote for a Republican, I plan to support Mr. Buckley in November. It is absolutely necessary to address this problem, and Buckley’s campaign, if nothing else, will attract attention to this failure in Washington. By cutting spending, pork projects, entitlement projects, and a few government agencies that are unnecessary, people like Allen Buckley can put America in a position to succeed in the future. I’m excited that this has already gained attention on the AJC’s website, and I hope it continues to gain traction.

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