Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Take heart, Democrats and Republicans--voters really ARE stupid enough to believe what the government tells them

The latest story about the TSA Gestapo wanting to grope a woman with an underwire bra didn't interest me half so much as some of the comments:

Carolyn said...
Happened to me once in Detroit airport right after 9/11. Humiliating and unnerving. So now I have a special bra with no underwire that I always wear when I fly. Clothing manufacturers take notice: use plastic for underwire rather than metal!

Thanks Carolyn--we'll just change all out clothing choices to get permission to fly.... said...
Just a suggestion...

I have stopped wearing large metal bracelets and necklaces as well as belts with large buckles when I travel to expedite my time going through security. To avoid any problems, perhaps all of us who are well endowed should forgo the underwires on travel days--a sports bra or non-underwire might be the solution to avoid those pesky pat downs.

Yeah, limabean, it's obviously OUR problem.... said...
doesn't that woman realize it's for her own (and everyone else's) safety? What's a little pat-down compared to that? Let's get real here folks!

petra also believes that when the government told us there were WMDs in Iraq.... Never mind.

Citiroze said...
Well, I feel that if something you're wearing or packing sets-off sensitive equipment..., then it needs to be checked--rightfully so.

In the interest of safety, I feel that the inconveniences of a few justify the overall safety of the whole. It really is that simple. SAFETY FIRST.

Add to this the fact that the system isn't perfect, so there will inevitably be some glitches, frustrations, and seemingly over-the-top behavior along the way.

Besides, until there can be an "Intention Scanner" for everyone wishing to board our federally regulated highways, by-ways, and airways, then understand that public safety is the goal! And, if you miss a flight in the process of checking-out something suspicious, it's unfortunate, but rather necessary in my book!!

What every good progressive should want: an Intention Scanner. And not just for air travel but highways, too!

citirose, someday read Philip K. Dick's Minority Report or David Drake's Lacey and His Friends.

Well, never mind, you wouldn't get it.

So much for thinking the average American voter might realize that both Obama and McCain are peddling large loads of crap.

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Brian Shields said...

Why don't they let women pull that trick when they pull their bra off under their shirt and pull it out a sleeve?

Oh yeah, no groping opportunities there. I forgot the point of it all.