Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I think this is interesting: NC Gubernatorial candidates release health and financial profiles

These are the summaries for the health and financial profiles of the three ballot-qualified candidates for North Carolina governor.

Note that only Dr Mike Munger responded to the request to provide his tax returns. Bev Perdue and Pat McCrory hid behind their required financial disclosure forms, which are much less specific.

That said, here are the profiles, as published by the Raleigh News & Observer:

Health: Perdue, 61, has been "in excellent health," according to a letter from Dr. Neil Bender of Jones County, her physician since 2001. She has high blood pressure, for which she has taken two prescription medications, and high cholesterol that she has treated with diet, exercise and weight loss, Bender wrote.

She smoked off and on from college until 2003, when she started working with teen anti-tobacco programs. "She never smoked a lot," spokesman David Kochman wrote in an e-mail message.

Finances: Perdue has held elected office continuously since 1987, the first 14 years as a state legislator. She has worked as a teacher, hospital administrator and consultant. Her salary as lieutenant governor is $123,198. On her state ethics form, she reports income of more than $5,000 from at least five other separate sources.

She reports interests of at least $10,000 in about 60 publicly traded companies and in four privately held companies, including a Craven County developer. Her husband, Bob Eaves, has interests in several other companies, including a convenience store chain. They report four separate liabilities of at least $10,000 to commercial banks. They own homes in Chapel Hill and New Bern.

Health: Munger, 49, described no serious health concerns. He has had high blood pressure, which he treats with prescription medication, since he was about 30. He reported a series of injuries -- mostly sports-related -- including sprained ankles, separated shoulders and a dislocated kneecap.

He said he had shoulder surgery in 2000 to repair a torn rotator cuff and to shave down part of a bone. "If it sounds painful, it is," he wrote in an e-mail message.

Finances: The only candidate to provide a tax return, Munger and his wife, Donna, reported $254,000 in combined taxable income in 2006. Their federal tax was $67,000, though they overpaid in both 2005 and 2006 and applied $8,000 to their 2007 tax bill. They reported giving $6,000 to charity.

Munger is a Duke University political scientist. His wife is a government lawyer. Their income also includes book royalties, speaking fees and logging income from property in Chatham County. On his ethics form, he reported no other business holdings of $10,000 or more. They own a house in Raleigh.

Health: McCrory, 51, has been "consistently in excellent health," according to a letter from Dr. Robert Heyer of Charlotte, his physician since 1996. McCrory had successful knee surgery in 1996. "He has normal blood pressure and no evidence of cardiovascular disease," Heyer wrote.

Despite repeated questions, McCrory's campaign would not say with certainty whether he is taking any prescription medications or has taken any recently.

Spokeswoman Amy Auth said he was not, "to my knowledge."

Finances: McCrory worked at Duke Energy for 29 years before leaving to run for governor. He held several managerial positions and never disclosed how much he made. On his state ethics form, he reports his mayoral salary as the only other income of more than $5,000 for him or his wife, Ann. The salary is almost $40,000 this year.

He reported his Charlotte home as his only property. He reported no business holdings of $10,000 or more, but the ethics form does not require mutual fund holdings.

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