Thursday, August 7, 2008

The proof that ALL market interactions have externalities

Hybrids good, right?

People use less energy, create fewer greenhouse gases, and even make less noise than conventional automobiles....

.... and will apparently run over and kill blind pedestrians in larger numbers than was previously the case.

[Because they can't hear them coming.]

Now--in all seriousness--some pundits are considering artificial means of making hybrids louder.

I am sure this all makes sense in somebody's world.

Just not mine.

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Anonymous said...

(My response posted on the original article as well...)

Hmmm…. This researcher apparently hasn’t bothered to point out that it is the DRIVER’s responsibility to watch out for pedestrians (blind or sighted… ;) and that in most states the law REQUIRES drivers to stop to allow blind people (usually self identified by canes and / or dogs) to cross…
This sounds to me like a responsibility copout, with a very NON-Libertarian solution…
Ironically, in the motorcyclists rights community, one battle is over exhaust noise, with one side advocating that “Loud pipes save lives” because car drivers can hear them - with the opposition complaining about the noise being a tresspass. Now this guy wants to FORCE owners of quiet vehicles to be committing a tresspass???!

LPMA Operations Facilitator