Monday, August 4, 2008

The deafening silence about the potential DEA/Blackwater connection

How long will it take for this particular photograph and the controversy it generates to make it from the blogosphere to the mainstream media?

Maybe the guy really is just a DEA Stormtrooper wearing a Blackwater T-Shirt because he can. After all, even court rulings no longer matter to the Drug Gestapo.

But maybe he's really a contracted Blackwater mercenary.

The LA Times isn't talking. None of the MSM has even covered the story. Try to Google "DEA," "Blackwater," and something like "Cuvler city" or "marijuana," and you'll find thousands of entries from the alternative media, along with one or two from the far fringes of the MSM.

We haven't even gotten to the point where somebody asks a government spokesman and he denies it.

The administration shredding the Constitution is bad. But things go rapidly from bad to worse to the eventual Dubya announcement that due to the terror crisis it wouldn't be responsible of him to risk a change of administration just this year....


Anonymous said...

Your blog is thoughtful and interesting: Right up until you engage in silly BDS. You do realize that some nutty rightist thought that Clinton would pull the same "suspend elections" stunt, right?

Steven H. Newton said...

Oh for God's sake, it was a snarky comment.

Get a grip, why don't you.

Anonymous said...

Blackwater are fine Americans.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why everyone thinks that the guy with the Blackwater shirt can't be DEA. Watch any episode of Spike TV's "DEA Season 2" and you will see a lot of special agents wearing t-shirts and sweatshirts with NO DEA or Police insignias whatsoever.