Tuesday, August 5, 2008

How about a Rachel Hoffman's law?

I know, I know, Libertarians don't propose more laws . . . unless those laws actually limit the power of the state.

The case of Rachel Hoffman--sacrificed to the drug war through the uncaring imbecility of the Tallahassee Police Department--is proof enough that we need something like this on the books:

No individual charged with a crime shall be employed by any law enforcement agency, local, state or Federal, as a confidential informant without having had the advice of counsel, and having been thoroughly briefed on the risks inherent in such a decision.

Tie the hands of law enforcement?

Some of those hands are serious calling out for handcuffs.


a most peculiar nature said...

My friend RC, who lives in the area, has been calling for the ouster of the Tallahassee Police Department (TPD) chief. I let him know about your idea.

If anyone can get it done, RC can.

aka rc said...

I really appreciate Shirley posting this and her interest in this case.

Currently Internal affairs reports and attorney General reports can be found here.


These documents are massive and heavily redacted making them difficult to wade through. But a cursory read by anyone should be enough to create fear in any mother or citizen.

Of course all are waiting for the FDLE report.

We have an ugly situation in more ways than one in this neck of the woods. The city is ruled by fear and corruption. So I'm gonna ask a favor, if you have read this far.

Place the link to the rant

Here where it will go to the mayor and all commissioners:

and add the state you are sending it from. Pass it on to others who might do the same.

It won't take long and you do not have to write anything but From (your state). When FSU becomes aware of the national heat this case is generating, it is my believe that for self serving reasons, they will force the issue.

Thanks again Shirley

and the Delaware Libertarian for their interest in this situation