Friday, August 1, 2008

Yes We Can!(not Heckle the Messiah)

Looks like some think Barry O. has forgotten the black community, and they protested as much in St. Petersburg.

As the O comes unraveled the spontaneous slogan chanting of his assemblage of kool-aid donees, to drown out the protesters, sends a chill down my leg.

Look out Nuremberg in Denver, here they come!!


Anonymous said...

I can't wait till Denver!

Waldo Lydecker's Journal said...

The Nuremburg thing is getting a little old, I'd ordinarily feel insulted. But as it comes from someone seeking to straddle the nominations of an inescapably corrupt party and an inescapably irrelevant party, I'll just chalk it up to r. Nixon phoning in from a parallel universe where that all makes sense.

Anonymous said...

Actually his take down of the heckler was done admirably.

I don't see anything wrong with it..

Had everyone in the auditorium been white, and I am only speaking from my own interpretation, I really do not think anyone would have bothered posting it.....

I know I wouldn't have...It's just another heckler... I would have thought to myself..those stupid idiots and let it go...

What from this video frightens you?

Curious with no condescension intended....

Anonymous said...

Please keep responses under 6,000 words..... (lol)

Tyler Nixon said...

Got bitter, Waldo?

Anonymous said...

One of the big observations that a Green Party friend of mine made about why the Obama candidacy chills both of us (despite our manifestly differing views on the issues) is that his average supporter isn't a thinker -- he or she is a "feeler."

There's precious little understanding or real thought in the entire Obama campaign put towards real policy situations -- it's just feel-good Kool Aid stuff.

End the war in Iraq? How? "Yes we CAN! You gotta believe! Barack's gonna do it!"

Filibuster FISA and then backtrack on it? How can you support such a transparent political whore? "Yes we CAN! Barack empowers all of us."

The really frightening thing is that this completely inadequate man, who cannot handle even a little criticism from Hillary, or the media, or the opposition parties, or the cover of the New Yorker, is drinking his own Kool Aid.

His resume and list of achievements might be a thin page indeed, but his ego is the size of Kansas.

This is a man who has stated, repeatedly, that he sees himself as the "representation of all the aspiration and hopes of the American people."

Ego + arrogance + incompetence + power almost always = disaster. That's something that is disquieting to people all over the political map -- including lots of people who are far more "progressive" than Obama and his Amen Corner.