Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Amazing Libertarian poll numbers from North Carolina...

...demonstrate that the message appears to be breaking through for Michael Munger and Chris Cole.

Public Policy Polling's latest numbers show both the Libertarian Gubernatorial and Senatorial candidates drawing 6%.

In the Governor's race, the difference between Bev Perdue and Pat McCrory is 1%.

In the Senatorial race the difference between Liddy Dole and Kay Hagan is 1%.

The devil, naturally, is in the details.

Munger is pulling down 10% of all male voters; Cole draws 8%.

Cole, an openly gay candidate, draws 8% of the GOP vote.

Both Munger and Cole are scoring 16% of the critical young voter 18-29 demographic.

On specific issues, Munger gets 21% of those who think taxes are the most important issue; Cole gets 23% [Dem Kay Hagan only gets 4%].

Munger gets 13% of those who think health care is the most important issue: Cole gets 22% [GOPer Liddy Dole gets 26%].

Munger gets 12% of those who think the War in Iraq is the most important issue; Cole gets 23%.

These are impact numbers, not spoiler numbers.

If Munger and Cole can continue to hammer away in the media, they'll get bigger.

Think what they could do with real money.

Oh, that's right, the LNC has other uses for its money than actually being competitive in State and local elections.

Damn that Angela Keaton!

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