Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Chris Cole at 5-7% (11% of men) still a major factor in NC Senate race

Where Bob Barr promises, Chris Cole is delivering--at least in the Tarheel State.

The Libertarian candidate for Senate is posting 5% (PPP) or 7% (Survey USA) in a race between Liddy Dole and Kay Hagan where the numbers for both women keep jumping around in the mid-40s.

This despite the fact, as I have noted before, that there appears to be virtual in-state news black-out on Cole's candidacy.

Moreover, Cole is giving the lie to the idea that Libertarians are some sort of Republican lite party.

The openly gay candidate is drawing 11% of the male vote in North Carolina, and polls have consistently shown him drawing as many--if not more--votes from Dems as GOPers.

In the same polls, Gubernatorial candidate Michael Munger is holding steady at 5%, despite being closed out of the WRAL debate.

But Munger is included in three upcoming forums/debates; I'm waiting to see if this has an impact.

[One thus far unnoticed factor in the gubernatorial race: Munger is the only candidate who opposes the death penalty, but the media blockade has apparently kept death penalty opponents in the State from noticing this.]

As I continue to point out: the strength of the Libertarian Party is in the States.

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