Friday, September 12, 2008

This really makes you wonder which side Hillary is on...

... when former campaign strategist Mark Penn condemns the media coverage of Sarah Palin:

I think that the media is doing the kinds of stories on Palin that they’re not doing on the other candidates. And that’s going to subject them to people concluding that they’re giving her a tougher time. Now, the media defense would be, “Yeah, we looked at these other candidates who have been in public life at an earlier time.”

What happened here very clearly is that the controversy over Palin led to 37 million Americans tuning into a vice-presidential speech, something that is unprecedented, because they wanted to see for themselves. This is an election in which the voters are going to decide for themselves. The media has lost credibility with them.

Let's see what we've got here:

Point one: Hillary avoids being used as an Obama counter-weapon against Sarah Palin.

Point two: Mark Penn, noted Democratic strategist and Clintonista, criticizes the media's treatment of Sarah Palin.

I'll let you connect the dots.

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