Friday, September 5, 2008

Meck Deck asks the question, "Why the news black-out on Chris Cole?"

....particularly when the race between Liddy Dole and Kay Hagan is all knotted up and he holds the key votes:

Now that we’ve moved past Labor Day, the local news blackout on Libertarian Senate candidate Chris Cole from Huntersville is getting down right odd. The Washington Times has no problem calling Cole a potential “spoiler” in Elizabeth Dole’s re-election bid, a notion that Democrat Kay Hagan of course happily amplifies.

Yet News14 has not done one of those lengthy, somnambulant interviews with Cole while the Uptown paper of record omits any mention of his candidacy even when reporting poll results that include him. Just weird.

As I do not think there is any secret pro-Dole bias at work, it must just be that including Cole in the story messes up the clean woman vs. woman narrative editors and reporters want to present to the public. Well, sometimes life is a little messy and the big picture more complicated than the pitch. Now that voters are paying attention, let’s see if those covering this race actually cover the race.

While this sucks for Chris, the coverage of the failure to cover his campaign is an advance for Libertarian candidates, because it says that the mainstream is beginning to think about expanding its definition of, well, mainstream.

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ChrisNC said...

The situation has gotten more bizarre than Meck Deck lets on. Public Policy polling issued the results of a poll that included me (at 5%, compared to a 3% margin between Dole and Hagan). I found the poll reported in four NC news sources, all of which REMOVED my name from the report. When I tried to contact the reporters, one didn't respond, a second said that she didn't know about my candidacy. a third said that he FORGOT about my candidacy, and a fourth admitted that it should have been a "no-brainer" (his words) to include me. Yet, I also found the poll reported WITH my name in the New York Sun, the Washington Times, and even Kay Hagan's website. I am generally skeptical of conspiracy theories, but this is turning me into a foil-hat guy.