Monday, September 15, 2008

Delaware Talk Radio - Today is the Launch

This exciting new media sensation in Delaware launches today.

My good friend Mike Matthews asked me to join him for the inaugural editions of the Mike Matthews Show - Down with Absolutes. I am honored. I love working with Mike. During my hosting days on WDEL, Mike was my favorite guest. He is hilarious and always titillating with his irreverent views of all things political.

We go on from 3-5 this afternoon. Stream it right here.

Rounding out the DTR crew is also the wonderful vivacious and refreshingly-libertarian Maria Evans, and of course the anchors and founders Randy Nelson and Dave Burris.

These are some very very smart, connected, politically-savvy, and entertaining people who will make DTR the new Delaware media powerhouse.

DTR will be a constant whirlwind of political players, personalities, politicians, and pundits bringing issues, insights, access, and news - local and national.

Just check out their guests for this week :

Other confirmed Week 1 guests include:

Bob Cusack, Managing Editor of The Hill
Neil Newhouse, Leading Republican Pollster (NBC News/WSJ Poll)
Michelle Taylor, President, United Way of Delaware
Jack Markell, Democratic Candidate for Governor
Charlie Copeland, Republican Candidate for Lt. Governor
State Senator Karen Peterson (D-Stanton)
State Senator Gary Simpson (R-Milford)
Jim Lanard, Spokesperson, Bluewater Wind
Karen Hartley Nagle, Democratic Candidate for U.S. Congress
John Brady, Republican Candidate for Insurance Commissioner
Darrell Cole, Director of Public Relations, DelDOT
State Rep. John Kowalko (D-Newark South)
State Rep. Greg Lavelle (R-Sharpley)
State Rep. Greg Hastings (R-Millsboro)
Alan Muller, Green Delaware
Donna Abbott, CIO of Ocean City, MD
Judson Bennett
Michael Fleming

It's going to be a blast!


Anonymous said...

awesome! I'm looking forward to listening

a most peculiar nature said...

Dang, I can no longer listen to streaming media.

Brian Shields said...

Good job, Tyler. You and Mike work well together, it was a very entertaining and interesting conversation.

DWA Radio sounds great.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for coming down for the the launch of DTR! It was great getting a chance to talk to you.

Best regards and good luck in the 4th district.....