Saturday, September 13, 2008

A rumor out of Moscow: Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State no matter who wins!!

The Moscow Post is predicting that either Senator Barack Obama or John McCain will appoint Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.

The article is worth reading in the automated translation for sentences like this:

Such a purely campaign speech Clinton and Obama, made by them after the funeral ceremony, led to sharp anger among supporters of the Republican Party who believe that the funeral ceremony - this is not the time for the pre-election campaign.

However, it appears that Democrats do not miss any opportunity to raise its rating. This is justified by the fact that the war Russia and Georgia, top McCain scored more than 50% and the top ahead of Obama.

As a result, a black senator was in the minority. Now he needs to win to make as much effort and tightening under their banners as much as possible supporters.

Ah, yes, the wonders of Babblefish: "a black senator was in the minority."

Besides, you gotta love the photo they ran with the article:

1 comment:

Lordlokipv said...

What a crock,
Obama will not have hillary on his cabinet what so ever,
Its a constant reminder, Hillary should of been president,
She will shadow his presidency if that a big if Obama win,

God Help us all if Obama wins