Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The "Crimes" of Angela Keaton

While it is fun to speculate which mommy issues M Carling might be laboring under or what went so wrong in Aaron Starr’s potty training, this is about whether we are part of the libertarian movement or merely an adjunct to the GOP death machine.

Announcing that I work for Antiwar is like Jolie and Pitt announcing they are fucking. Both pretentious and obvious.

New staff piece of ass, Casey. Dark, young and easy prey for a cougar like myself.

Donny Ferguson is here as well. I felt him up once when I was drunk. Reform Caucus people are so uptight.

The Admiral keeps staying hello. Must be the dress. Tomorrow, BTP tank top and thong…no I’ll be wearing pants.

Funny, I always thought the Libertarian movement was about less government and more personal freedom, not the rule-mongering and petty jackassery occurring at the LNC, where people like to pretend their making decisions about a party that controls millions of votes and billions of dollars.

Just goes to show you how wrong you can be.

Near as I can tell right now, convoluted arguments about the sanctity of Executive Session (and I work for a university and live in a State where Executive Session is abused for the purpose of opacity on a daily basis) set aside, Angela is guilty of:

1. Lacking a herd instinct

2. Having a libido

3. Writing sharp-tongued, funny prose

4. Asking too many questions of people who really do have things to hide

Anarchist bitch.

Off with her fucking head [pun intended].

It is now officially time for the Libertarian movement to enter the post Libertarian National Committee phase of its existence.


Anonymous said...

The LNC makes me physically sick.

a most peculiar nature said...

Ditto on what Jason Gatties said. The LNC has become a caricature of itself.