Friday, September 19, 2008

Just because I couldn't resist

Found this on Last Free Voice [sorry for the absence of a link, but the computer I'm accessing the Net on was the one Noah threw away].

It's eight minutes long, but you will not be able to believe it's not an SNL skit (says the African-American preacher: "My Momma told me back in the 1960s that the only kind of white woman who'd take up with a Black man was trash. And I trust my Momma.")

Almost [but not quite] enough on the face of it to make me go out and vote for Barack Obama just to see what this guy would post then....

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tom said...

Steve, it isn't fair to make fun of the TV preachers. After all, they can't help it when Jesus (who didn't speak english) takes over their vocal cords and they start spouting complete and utter gibberish.