Wednesday, September 10, 2008

This is also probably Angela Keaton's fault: Bob Barr attempts to dump Wayne Allyn Root in favor of Ron Paul

Exactly why Ron Paul, who scored over a million votes in the GOP primary season, should agree to play second fiddle to Bob Barr--who has yet to raise a dollar for each person who voted for Paul--is unclear to me.

But you can read the actual letter here.

Let me get this straight: Angela Keaton supposedly live-blogs about the charges against her in Executive Session of the LNC and she must be branded, tortured, and expelled.

Bob Barr illegally attempts to replace his legally nominated VP candidate (who admittedly is a homophobic, racist nut) in favor of a man who is not a member of his own political party, and we're supposed to rally behind him?

I sense the genius of that great parliamentarian M Carling behind this masterpiece of strategy.


Brian Shields said...

So... Barr wants to replace one accused racist with another that's more popular?

It seems like the ultimate Libertarian ticket, if you have already sold your soul for the sake of gaining votes... which, apparently the LNC has no problem with, or they wouldn't have gone for Barr in the first place.

a most peculiar nature said...

This is so bizarre.