Thursday, September 25, 2008

Civitas tracks Chris Cole surge in the polls...

...and also points out that negative campaigning is actually benefitting the Libertarian candidate for North Carolina's Senate seat:

“Despite relentless negative TV ads attacking her accomplishments in Washington, Senator Dole is able to hang onto a slim, two point lead. It appears that all of the negative attacks on Senator Dole have aided Libertarian Chris Cole not Senator Hagan” said Francis De Luca, Executive Director of the Civitas Institute.

This is critical: a Libertarian Senate candidate who is now both (a) outside the margin of error; and (b) being credited by a major polling organization as a factor in the race.

Cole's numbers:

May – Dole 45, Hagan 43
June – Dole 48, Hagan 38, Cole 1
July – Dole 47, Hagan 38, Cole 2
August – Dole 44, Hagan 41, Cole 4
September - Hagan 41, Dole 40, Cole 6

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