Friday, September 5, 2008

Comment Rescue: Updating the Chris Cole silence conspiracy

Yesterday I reported on Meck Deck's observation that the NC media now seems to be operating under some sort of gentleman's agreement not to notice Libertarian Senatorial candidate Chris Cole, even though his 5% standing is larger than the difference between Liddy Dole and Kay Hagan.

Chris responded in the comments section, but his words deserve to appear on the front page:

The situation has gotten more bizarre than Meck Deck lets on. Public Policy polling issued the results of a poll that included me (at 5%, compared to a 3% margin between Dole and Hagan). I found the poll reported in four NC news sources, all of which REMOVED my name from the report. When I tried to contact the reporters, one didn't respond, a second said that she didn't know about my candidacy. a third said that he FORGOT about my candidacy, and a fourth admitted that it should have been a "no-brainer" (his words) to include me. Yet, I also found the poll reported WITH my name in the New York Sun, the Washington Times, and even Kay Hagan's website. I am generally skeptical of conspiracy theories, but this is turning me into a foil-hat guy.


Note to Chris: the foil won't go with the beard.

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