Monday, September 29, 2008

Here's a thought....

Maybe I am just naive, but if we are going to have to live with a central bank issuing and manipulating our national currency, why not let the American people go directly to the discount window and eliminate the usury-loving, fee-grabbing banker-broker middle men??

I think I could handle having a reasonable line of available credit, especially if collateralized, directly available to American citizens
at say...1.5%. Aren't we already being stuck with the bill for the failures of a credit system run by a central bank in the interest of...the banks.

Seriously, is there a reason why the FED can't be made a direct lender to consumers (aside from the entire industry of "shylocks" * and cozy financiers and whores on the Hill who control the levers, get rich from it, and then walk between the acid raindrops they seeded)?

[* Preemptive Political Correctness Alert : I use this term like underworld slang for 'pound of flesh' loan sharks, in NO way shape or form with any anti-Jewish connotation.]

Better yet, how about we (the people - our government) take actual unambiguous control of our money supply, rather than continue leaving it in the hands of private bankers. [*The Federal Reserve is, yes, a PRIVATE bank backed by a handful of concentrated BANKING INTERESTS.]

How nice it would be to be able to go borrow United States Notes rather than go to credit issuers peddling increasingly-sketchy Federal Reserve Notes. Our government is supposed to be the backer of Fed currency anyway, since we ditched the gold standard, so why not just let people directly borrow at 1% from the sole guarantor of our currency...our government. Isn't that what the banks do anyway and then add a fat price tag?

It is the PEOPLE's money......isn't it?? Should it be??

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Anonymous said...

Would that be JUST like me writing Checks?