Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I never thought I'd be happy for Senator Chris Dodd...

... but if he sticks by his guns on this one ...

This from Al Jazeera:

US congressional leaders have condemned the Bush administration's $700bn financial bail-out plan aimed at ending more than a week of turmoil on global financial markets.

Chris Dodd, the Democrat chair of the senate banking committee, said on Tuesday: "What they have sent us is not acceptable. This is not going to work."

Richard Shelby, the most senior Republican on the committee, said "We have got to look at some alternatives."

This is clearly becoming an issue beyond party and beyond ideology.

Thank God.


Tyler Nixon said...
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Tyler Nixon said...

Yeah...like the Patriot Act re-authorization, FISA-related immunity etc etc. The Democrats always squeal before they cave to Bush.

That sucking sound you hear is Chris Dodd imploding for his Wall Street/banking masters within a few weeks.

Hell, this guy took a preferred special mortgage from Countrywide.

There is always room for hope, Steve, but I wouldn't bank on any populist grandstanding from Chris Dodd.

In the end he will just have a stronger say in how to divvy up this mega-socialist corporate welfare package. It will still get doled out under Dodd's watch.

The only hope we have are the resurgent limited government Republicans feeling their oats against Bush-Cheney's last hoorah at taxpayer expense.

One hopeful sign (and hopefully not just cover...) :


FBI looking at heart of financial meltdown

Invesigating Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Lehman Bros. and AIG

Anonymous said...


Send them to Phil Gramm's house.