Saturday, September 6, 2008

Honest, I didn't make these two up...

...they appeared in the current issue of New Scientist [although you won't be able to read them on the website for about two weeks unless you subscribe].

First, the title of an article in a recent issue of The Journal of Sexual Medicine:

"Cutting off the nose to save the penis," by Steven Schrader, Michael Breitenstein and Brian Lowe

The abstract explains:

No-nose bicycle saddles improve penile sensation and erectile function in bicycling police officers.

I know that's been worrying me.

The second has wider potential implications. If you live outside the US and order a computer from Dell on-line, you have to fill out four questions regarding customs. The first three are mundane. The fourth reads:

Will the product(s) be used in connection with weapons of mass destruction, i.e., nuclear applications, missile technology, or chemical or biological weapons purposes? Yes/No

I'm thinking we can expect to locate Osama with this one by next week.

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