Friday, September 5, 2008

Now the GOP tries strong-arm tactics against Libertarians in Idaho

Not content with trying to talk Libertarians off the ballot in Texas, or suing to get them off in Pennsylvania, prominent Idaho GOPers including Representative Bill Salli are trying to convince all third-party candidates to drop out in the Idaho Senatorial race.

From Independent Political Report:

Three alternative candidates for the U.S. Senate in Idaho “were contacted by Republicans including Congressman Bill Sali, urging them to exit the race to help Republican Jim Risch,” the AP reports. Libertarian Kent Marmon, independent Rex Rammell, and independent Pro-Life (formerly Marvin Richardson) “all say they were asked to make an early exit.”

Marmon said Sali “urged him to leave because he could draw votes from Risch” and help Democrat Larry LaRocco. A Sali spokesman confirmed the reports, saying the calls were “political, nothing personal.” LaRocco “says the GOP ‘power elite’ is trying to manipulate the Nov. 4 election.”

Yeah, nothing personal, just don't interfere with our God-given right to be the only candidates on the ballot.

It is important to draw a distinction between Democrats and Republicans here, after the third example. Although Dems have occasionally tried it on Ralph Nader, this year we haven't seen them going after third party candidates, even though polls are now showing the Libertarians are drawing Democrat votes as well, especially in North Carolina, Georgia, and Indiana.

Maybe that's because the Dems think that they're in pretty good shape and can afford to look magnanimous; or maybe there really are some people starting to believe in equal ballot access.


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Anonymous said...

I think you need to check your facts Steve - I don't have the exact states at hand right now, but I distinctly recall Democrats doing things to get candidates off the ballot during this cycle - and being nastier about it than just asking the candidate to withdraw (which is a pretty weak approach, as it depends on the candidate cooperating)

The Democrats have been challenging sigs, and or petitioning methods specifically to keep people off the ballot by LEGAL methods - IIRC, Maine was one of the states in question...

I'm sure if you checked w/ Richard Winger from Ballot Access News, he could cite multiple instances for you...